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Tetrad White Striped Colored Cotton Bathrobe with Hood

Unisex cotton bathrobe. This incomparable pesthemal bathrobe woven of hundred percent cotton and colored with dyestuff plants. Turkish towel bathrobe is all natural and woven on hand looms.

Hooded bathrobe, that made of Pestemal Turkish towel, does not contain any synthetic substances harmful for human health  and for nature. The hood, belt, skirt and arms of the colored woven bath robe are embellished with white tetrad lines.

Pestemal Turkish towel has got highly water absorption capability owing to being hundred percent cotton. Peshtemal which is one of the important accessories of the cleaning and socializing place Turkish hammam for centuries, nowadays met with contemporary designs and spread all over the world. The most important causes of worldwide adoption of Turkish pestemal towel and the other products that made of pestemal such as bathrobe are being napless, natural, hygienic, health friendly and comfortable.

Turkish towel bathrobe with hood has got napless and very soft texture, does not become harden after washing and keeps it's softness for years. It is a space saving bathrobe by reason of thinness.

Hand loom cotton pestemal bath robe is an exclusive drying wear with it's smartness. Therefore, as well as in the bathroom also can be used at the swimming pool, spa or on the beach. This bathrobe is a functional product that can be used as a morning gown depending on your desire.

Unisex Bathrobe Size Chart

Width 106cm 114cm 122cm 130cm 138cm
Arm 61cm 62cm 62cm 64cm 65cm
Shoulder 19cm 19cm 20cm 20cm 20cm
Lenght 122cm 123cm 124cm 125cm 126cm
  • Weight: 700.00 g / 24.69 oz
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    Made of Turkish Cotton Pestemal
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