Choosing The Right Towel


Although it may seem very easy to choose a towel, expectations can vary depending on their use and their purpose. Of course, when one touches the towel, it will be effective in this selection.

Summer is coming, now it's time to go to the beaches. So how do you choose a towel to use on the beach? Here's the key to choosing the right beach towel...

# Choosing the right size

The beach towel that you will use to be dryed after swimming on the sea or the pool should be in the right sizes for your body to wrap you. A towel that comes to you big or small will give you a hard time while it's being dryed. And keep in mind that a large towel that occupies a lot of space in your beach bag will get heavier and more difficult after getting wet. If you are the one who prefers two separate towels to be dryed and sunbathe, you can choose a larger towel to sunbathe.

# Is it a plump towel or thin?

When choosing a towel, it is full of your priorities and preferences. It does not necessarily have to be too fluffy for the towel to be comfortable. Some of them choose finer towels for ease of handling, small space in the washing machine. If you are looking for a fast drying towel that does not cover a lot of space in the beach bag, you can choose fine towels or cotton, bamboo and linen peshtemals.

If you are one of those who want to feel the touch of a fuller towel in your skin, then it is preferable to prefer heavier towels. As mentioned in the beginning, choosing a fuller or thin towel is entirely in your preferences and the towel touches your skin it's up to your feelings. Regardless of their weight, it is worth noting that cotton towels are among the most preferred in their content.

#Set your budget

Towels can show significant price differences according to the materials used in the content and the production processes. An organic or hydrocotton towel is more costly than other towels, but it can make you feel better with its important features such as high water absorption power, softness and naturalness. Of course, do not choose a towel that will shake the budget for your holiday but don't forget that a towel you buy very cheaply will wear out very quickly with the effect of sun and salt water and lose their colors.

#Attention when choosing color!

In the selection of your towel, it is worth saying that colors are not just about your liking. Colors such as black and gray will attract heat and you can sweat while sunbathing, white, cream-like light colors are very quick to be contaminated and the smallest sand even the stains. It would be best to choose bright colors to suit your soul in the summer.

#Choose a towel to suit your own style 

The products you choose are reflected in your soul on the beach as well as everywhere. 
No matter how attentive you look with an expensive swimsuit, bronze skin and cool hair, remember how a beach towel with huge cartoon heroes will affect your image. You can feel much happier on the beach by choosing the patterns and colors that fit and suit your beach clothes

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