Bohemian Touches

Turkish Towel Store collections constitute the inspiration from universal concepts. Turkish bath towels extending from tradition to innovation, Turkish ceramics with pictorial narrations, Turkish bath soaps with presentations like jewellery and other niche products that will spice up the living areas.

Peshtemal keeps alive the unfettered, unconfounded and welcoming atmosphere of the hammams (Turkish bath), in the towel collection of Turkish Towel Store.

Turkish ceramic collection, prepared from works inspired by many arts and artists throughout the ages, focuses on the life philosophy of the population that aims to express their tastes in today's homes.

Turkish Towel Store with soap collection aims to add worth to every moment in the bathroom.
Combining the health of soap with design, picturizing and introducing the soap with motifs coming from world cultures.
Turkish Towel Store extends to users with its ''there is a voice inside belongs to you'' approach in all its designs and products.

This approach introduces the design of towels, ceramics and soaps, in the houses, especially bathrooms that are the center of our lives, which can be reinterpreted by those living in, with their personal tastes.  

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