Top 5 Touristic Turkish Baths of Istanbul

1- Historical Gedikpasa Turkish Bath

One of the Istanbul's oldest and largest bath Gedikpasa Hammam is in Beyazit Square. Gedik Pasha Hammam, that famed for its beauty, was built in 1474 on the request of Gedik Ahmet Pasha who was one of the famous statesmen of Mehmed the Conqueror period. This Turkish bath is quite spectacular which was built as a double bath by Architect Hayreddin.

Gedik Pasa Turkish Bath captivate the people to who saw it with elegant details. Arches and cornices were adorned with hand-drawn and the walls with tulip motifs. Sixteen step stairway lead down to the glassy partition. The hottest room of the Turkish bath composed of three liwan and four enclosed bathing cubicles, that covered with little domes. Heated marble slab to lie down, under the main dome, is quadrangular. There are a total of 48 marble basin in men and women sections. There is a pool in the tepidarium of the men's section. The dome of the baths pasha cubicle draws attention with the original architecture.

Gedik Pasha Hamam, which is one of Istanbul's oldest baths, is fully equipped to satisfy the foreign guests who are interested in Turkish bath culture.


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2- Beyoglu Aga Hamam

Agha (Aga) Turkish Bath is located in the Beyoglu district of Istanbul. Bath was built in 1454 on the order of Mehmed the Conqueror who was the Ottoman Sultan. The changing place of the Aga Hammam is three-storey and there is a beautiful fountain in this section. The hottest room of the bath which was built in accordance to Ottoman architecture has retained its original form. Here is a square planned central area and three adjoined liwans.

Nowadays the Aga Bath serves only to tourists. This historic bathhouse is one of those highly recommended hammams with its beauty, services and the cleanness.


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3- Cagaloglu Hamam

Historical Cagaloglu Hamam is located in Istanbul's Sultanahmet district. This hammam is the last big bathhouse of the city, which was built in 1741 at the request of Sultan Mahmud I.

Cagaloglu Bath is one of the best known and most spectacular example of worldwide legendary Turkish Baths, with it's interesting baroque architecture. Structure of Cagaloglu Hammam, belongs to a period when the influence of foreign flows begin at Ottoman architectural art. It was built as double bath and still continues to serve as a double bath. It is entered to the Cagaloglu Bath from the marble door in different style, which is not seen in the early Ottoman architecture.

The baroque style fountain pool, in the large domed and skylight men's section, attracts great attention. The hottest room of Cağaloğlu Bath is in square plan. This section consists of three iwans and four domed partially enclosed bathing cubicles. One of this cubicles has been converted into a sauna in last period. The magnificent dome of the bath built on eight columns with carved marble heads. The central hot marble slab in octagon shaped and sliced as reminiscent of the floral motifs, is quite striking. Cagaloglu Turkish Bath is one of the Istanbul's most clean, well maintained and touristic hammam which can be strongly recommended. This original and world famous Turkish bath has a nice restaurant&bar that entered from the men's section.


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4- Historical Galatasaray Turkish Bath

This bathhouse is adjacent to the Galatasaray High School in Beyoğlu. Galatasaray Bath is in one of the most important Istanbul hammam serving as touristic.

Galatasaray Bath was built in 1715 and it was initially part of the palace school founded by Bayezid II. This bath was opened to the public in 1834.

After extensive renovations in 1964 hamam took the appearance of today. The walls of bath are decorated with ceramic tiles and the lantern is adorned with stained glass.

Areas where the dressing rooms are equipped with antique Turkish bath accessories and authentic objects that particularly attracting the attention of tourists. Some sections in the apodyterium are arranged as massage rooms. The central fountain pool is added to the bath in the same period. The hottest room, which covered by a majestic dome, is square planned. There are four domed eclosed bathing cubicals, including two marble basins, evenly distributed to the corners. There are also six liwans in asymmetrical size with seventeen marble basin. There is a tepid bathing cubical as well with seven basins adjacent to apodyterium, which accessed by passing through two liwans.

Galatasaray Hammam is a Turkish bath attracting the attention of foreign guests

and hosting many celebrities.

It can be highly recommended due to being clean, well-maintained and very historical.


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5- Kocamustafapasa Hammam

Historical Kocamustafapaşa Turkish Bath, which was built in 1486, is a very clean and well-maintained touristic bathhouse. Apodyterium under the wooden roof lantern is nicely furnished. The marble fountain pool in the middle part of apodyterium is in spectecular beauty. There are a quadrangular marble slab for massage and peeling (gobek tasi) and a sauna in the caldarium.

The bathing cubical, which rumored that Mystic Sunbul Efendi used to bathe in, is still maintained. The five lines of inscription above the marble basin is kept in the original form. However, this section has a fountain with large tub.

This hammam is a highly recommended, rare and historical Turkish Bath.


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