Winter Comes To An End We Are Ready For Summer

If you want to start with your beach towel to make changes for this summer vacation, we have plenty of colorful choices for you. Turkish Towel Store creative team has prepared different models and colors for you in pestemal beach towels.

Artists behind the Turkish Towel Store,considered one by one each of your's desires, likes and needs.

  • Large size peshtemal Turkish towels has been woven in wonderful colors, for our customers who want to use their beach towel as beach blanket at the same time. Attention was paid to be decorative, for use this blanket size Turkish towels as a bedspread or seat cover in your home other than the beach.

  • Roundie towel got togeather 600 years old Turkish classic pestamal with contemporary design. Round pestemal is a suitable choice for our customers who want to have a cozy feeling on the beach and at the same time wanting to experience elegance. Round towels which completed with the fringes are highly preferred for the beach and it can also be used as a table cloth.

  • Cotton Peshtemal is a classical Turkish towel with a rectangular woven and the ends are finished with fringes. They have been woven in vivid and beautiful colors with your taste in mind. 100% cotton Turkish pestamal is a super absorbent and quick drying towel despite considering its fine texture. It is lightweight, easy to carry and takes up little space in the suitcase.

  • The linen pesetemal Turkish towel is a very suitable beach towel with its elegance, durability and color fastness futures, for whom keen on to linen. Linen peshtemal is used both as towel and as sarong. We were surprised and inspired by the amount of passionate lover of linen fabric.

  • Bamboo Turkish towel is woven by 50% bamboo, 50% genuine cotton yarn and beautified with elegant colors. The Turkish towel in rectangular shape and tasseled has all the benefits of bamboo. Bamboo towel is highly absorbent and dries very fast. It is much more thin, lightweight and space saving than terry towels. Bamboo pestamal, which is a good alternative for holidays, does not contain any harmful chemicals.

  • The children's bathrobe is made of Turkish cotton or linen pestemal and has many advantages. First of all, a pestemal bathrobe does not contain any chemicals that will harm the health of children. Secondly, kids robes made of pestemal Turkish towel, extremely thin, light and absorbent. Quick dry, it occupies a very small space when folded. The most comfortable way of drying your child after the sea is the pestamal kids bathrobe. Besides, it attracts attention with its chicness.
  • Kids poncho towel is a hooded beach wear made of pestamal Turkish towel. It is both stylish and comfortable. Kids poncho towel is very easy for children to wear  which is open on both sides.

Have a nice holiday.....

Turkish Towel Store

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