Exploring The Harmony of Painting Art with Pestemal Towel

It is not secret that the Batik design Turkish Towel becomes the world's most popular beach towel.
What makes this eye-catching towels magcial? We think nowadays, it seems to be the two most fitting things to each other that Turkish pestemal made of genuine cotton and batik painting technique.

What is batik? Batik is one of the oldest textile painting arts that has come up to present from the past. Batik, which is a surface decoration art, perfectly applied to Turkish towel has presented to you with unique designs and jazzy colors.
Why is Turkish towel a very suitable fabric for Batik art? Pestemal Turkish towel has got a structure that absorbs paint and water easily and suitable for equal application of paint, due to being 100% genuine cotton. Thin and frequent woven of pestemal Turkish towel making it even easier to apply them on highly stylish designs.

To create patterns with the Batik painting method in Turkish towels; the predetermined parts of the towel are closed with molten wax or special closure. Then the fabric is dyed in a paint bath. The base color of the fabric is maintained in areas not in contact with paint. To obtain different colors with different color mixtures and layers the process of dyeing and painting is repeated. Compositions prepared by our designers, is transferred to the Turkish towel which to be applied.
Some of the Turkish Towel Store's Batik peshtamals are decorated using special molds.
We also have Batik beach and bath towels which are designed with the tying method

''We will continue to color your bathroom, garden, home and beaches with hued pestemal  Turkish towels adorned with batik painting techniques.''

Please stay tuned for more wonderfull colors....  

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