Pestemal in Home Decoration With Creative Ideas

1-Of Course Pestemal Used As Bath Towel At First Hand

The most common usage of Turkishpeshtemal is as bath towel, hair towel, hand towel and pe┼čtemalbathrobes. The Pestemal Turkish towel adapts to all the bathrooms andgives elegance with it's thinness, colors and beauty.

2-Pestemal Can Be Used As BathroomCurtain

Using a bath curtain made of pestemalfabrics is a truly effective solution.


  • The first reason is being very stylish and different,

  • Easy washing,

  • Peshtemal turkish towel fabric absorbs wetness and dries quickly, therefore a it is hygienic and useful bathroom curtain. The bathroom curtain, which made of turkish towel, eliminates mold and musty smell.

3- How To Use Pestemal Turkish Towel AsA Table Cover Or Table Runner

The Pestemal Turkish towel can be avery stylish and useful tablecloth with its rectangular and roundedoptions and fringes. In addition to this, the rectangular pestemals,that the lines set according to the table and folded in two, can beused as a table runner.

Pestemal towel is suitable for bothindoor and outdoor tables with its organic texture. Especially, it isrecommended to use pestemals made of cotton as a tablecloth.

Peshtemal table cloth absorbs thewetting, which makes it easier to clean the liquids to pour onto thetable. Besides, peshtemal can be easily washed, takes up very littlespace in the washing machine, is light and increases its softnessafter each wash.

4- Decorative Throws and Corner CushionCases Made Of Pestemal

Pestemal Turkish towel adds a bohemianfeel to all the spaces used for decoration purposes.

It definitely harmonizes and makesbeautiful combinations in a place that comfortably furnished orbohemian, rustic, country, romantic, ethnic, eclectic, Scandinavianor vintage decorated.

Pestemal, that you will throw on yourseat and in harmonious colors with the rest of the room, will lookaesthetic and will be a comfortable and healthy choice for the user.

5- Pestemal Use As Bedspread, Pique OrRunner On Bed

Oversized pestemal blanket towels arealso used as bedspreads due to it's thin texture, eye-catching colorsand fringes. Large Turkish towels can also be used as a comfortableand healthy siesta blanket.

At the same time, creative usersprovide a great chic with a small budget by using pestemal as bedrunner instead of duvet cover.

6- Pestemal Mat

As is known, pestemal is not afabricated product. It is still woven on looms by using purelygenuine cotton, bamboo or linen yarn in accordance with the original.Therefore, rectangular or round pestemal Turkish towels are healthyand organic ground mats to play, for children and babies. Thisspace-saving feature of pestemal also provides ease of use.

7-Small Size Hand Pesthmas Are AlsoUsed As Tea Towel

Almost everything used in the bathroomcan also be used in the kitchen. Turkish towel peshtemal are amongthese. A place where dry hands and dry surfaces are needed we canproclaim the pestemal as superhero with super absorbent and fastdrying texture. Moreover, we can say that it adds a spirit to thespace by hanging on the oven or cupboard doors.

8-Pestemal as a Picnic Blanket

Are you having a picnic with yourfamily or friends in the garden of your house? Well then, there's apicnic blanket for you right under your hand. The large Turkish towelis a wonderful picnic blanket with the advantages of lightness,elegance, easy washing, quick drying, organicity and space saving.

Also remember to take your peshtemalwith you, in your cottage or on your trip. Peshtemal is both towel,sarong and beach blanket, three in one, very comfortable.

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