Wholesaling and project works play an important role in corporate services of Turkish Towel Store

The wholesale Turkish towel peshtemals are supplied all over the world without compromising product quality and with the best possible prices.
Furthermore, our company’s wholesale Turkish towel peshtemal work is not limited with only wholesale customers.
Our partnership on the project base with the world-hotels, spas, and organization companies who want to host their distinguished guests with handwork, eye-straining Turkish towel peshtemals continues with the concept of collective responsibility.
All our works which include the retail and wholesale supply of Turkish towel peshtemals integrated with the understanding of respect for nature are followed by the contemporary world.
All items we sell are manufactured in Turkey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Wholesale Shopping
Question: Is there any special conditions provided at www.turkishtowelstore.com for the wholesale shopping?
Answer: Yes, being in wholesale customer group of www.turkishtowelstore.com is enough to shop with wholesale cut prices.
Q: What is the minimum order amount for wholesale shopping?
A: Minimum amount for first order is $150. Note that there is no minimum after first wholesale order.
Q: How do I register www.turkishtowelstore.com wholesale customer group?
A: Firstly, go to 
and register. After that, please inform us by clicking here to approve your wholesale account.
Q: How are shipping costs calculated?
A: Shipping costs are calculated according to package weight and the destination.
Q: How many days does my order take to reach my address?
A: If the items in your order are in stock, the package shipped the same day via expedited service, or sent out in 7 business days if they are not in stock.
And it will be delivered in maximum 3-5 business days according to the place of destination.

Q: Can I use a coupon code while wholesale shopping?
A: Due to wholesale prices are already being low, to use the coupon codes are not given permission while wholesale shopping. The wholesale orders with coupon codes required cancel and reorder.
Q: Which payment systems are used for wholesale shopping?
A: All credit cards are accepted.

, you can be wholesale customer in a couple of easy steps. If you are a returning customer click LOGIN