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  Hand size Turkish towel pestemal made of hundred percent cotton and can be used as hair towe..
Turkish hand towel woven of hundred percent cotton. It can be used as hair towel, face towel, tea to..
Do not rub your hair with a towel. Simply wrap and let to dry. This hair wrap is made of traditional..
Semi striped Turkish hand pestemal. The black color Turkish hand and hair towel adorned with blue st..
Semi striped Turkish hand towels woven of 100% Turkish cotton. The lilac color peshte..
Semi striped Turkish hand peshtemal woven of 100% Turkish cotton. The beige color han..
Semi striped Turkish hand peshtemal woven of genuine Turkish cotton. The terraco..
Turkish hand peshtemal made of 100 % Turkish cotton. There are transverse red stripes across the mag..
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