Cotton Peshtemal

Cotton On Body;

Cotton Turkish towel peshtemal is preferable due to being natural, hygienic, highly permeable, antistatic, refractory and absorbent. By the reason of increasing the passions of people to natural substances, cotton peshtemal maintains its attractiveness and used more and more. 

The cotton pestemal has got the recommended children towel features such as, woven of the yarn which made of all natural and healthy fibers and vegetable dyed, being thin, light, antibacterial, soft, highly absorbent and quick drying.  Cotton Turkish towel is preferred for sports and swimming lessons as well as at home, for being easy to carry in a bag, light weight and small footprint.


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Here's a real classic of Anatolia. Rare and not possible to find anywhere but Turkish Towel Store. T..
Chevron pattern dual layer peshtemal towel in five colors. Pre washed and super soft. Dual laye..
Large Zebra Pattern Dual Layered and Pre Washed Turkish Bath Towel Cotton Peshtemal. Dual layer..
Turkish peshtemal made of hundred percent pure cotton on traditional looms. This Turkish towel ..
This very special Turkish towel peshtemal is made by using traditional weaving techniques. Natural c..
Jacquard palm leaves patterned peshtemal turkish towel in color options.This Turkish towel ..
Pre Washed Loose Ends Pixel Pattern Cotton Peshtemal. Dual layered towel, dual layer means more abso..
Pre Washed Loose Ends Greek Key Cotton Peshtemal. Dual layered towel, dual layer means more absorben..
Pre Washed Loose Ends Leaves Cotton Peshtemal. Dual layered towel, dual layer means more absorbency ..
Starfish Pattern Pre Washed Loose Ends Cotton Peshtemal. Dual layered towel, dual layer means m..
Stone Wash Cotton Turkish peshtemal towel woven of 100% cotton yarn.  The self patterned ..
Stone Wash Cotton Turkish peshtemal towel woven in waffle weave. Made of 100% cotton yarn.  Th..
Super Soft Turkish Towel in peshtemal cotton towel in traditional pattern woven of hundr..
Abstract pattern pre washed super soft Turkish peshtemal woven of 100 percent genuine Turk..
This Turkish Towel peshtemal made even more evident by the geometric pattern with loose ends. Cotton..
Nautical themed, super soft Turkish peshtemal towel. Pre washed and super absorbent.  Navy anch..
Super Soft Turkish Towel with Minimal Diagonal Patterns and Various Color Options Woven ..
Super Soft Turkish Towel in traditional pattern woven of hundred percent Turkish co..
Vertical Striped Turkish Cotton Peshtemal in Eight Colors.  Stripes are on the ecru, which is t..
Charcoal Fringes Cotton Turkish Peshtemal Towel made of Turkish cotton.The Turkish towel, made of hu..
Diagonally patterned peshtemal bath and beach towel woven of 100 % Turkish cotton. It is given ..
Dual layered and pre washed Turkish peshtemal. Native pattern super soft Turkish towel with loose en..
Geometric patterned dual layer Turkish peshtemal towel. Dual layer means more absorbency and du..
Herringbone patterned Turkish bath towel woven of pure cotton. The Turkish towel peshtemal has been ..
Turkish Hamam Peshtemal with 5 mm wide stripes. Made of 100 percent quality cotton. Pre washed. It i..
Traditional hand woven Turkish peshtemal towel with thin, colorful stripes. It's adorned with stripe..
Horizontaly striped Turkish peshtemal bath towel woven of 100 % Turkish cotton. The center..
Authentic cotton peshtemal. Tricolor peshtemal made of Turkish Cotton. The thin, scattered lined Tur..
The rectangular weaved Turkish hamam peshtemal is beautified with kilim motifs and completed w..
Turkish cotton peshtemal with white stripes. The thin, scattered lined Turkish towel made of 100% co..
Zebra Pattern Dual Layered Turkish Bath Towel Cotton Peshtemal. Dual layer means more absorbency and..
Stripy peshtemal Turkish Towel in vivid hues. This is one of the finest examples of T..
Peshtemal Turkish Towel in charcoal stripes. This is one of the finest examples of Turkish..
Here is a unique peshtemal woven of genuine Turkish cotton and adorned with boho patt..
Honeycomb and mesh patterned peshtemal towel with five charcoal stripes.The Turkish towel, made of h..
Here's a real classic of Turkey. Self Honeycomb and Mesh Patterned Peshtemal Towel.The Turkish ..
Turkish towel peshtemal woven of pure cotton. Three colored, white, salmon and brown. P..
Authentic cotton Turkish bath towel with huge diamond pattern on off white. Huge diam..
Solid color unstriped Turkish peshtemal. The simplicity of solid color and the lightness o..
Made of cotton yarn that obtained from high quality cotton grown in Turkey. This cotton peshtemal in..
Cotton Peshtemal Towel decorated with black and dark blue vertical stripes. Traditional Turkish..
Stripy pesthemal bath towel made of hundred percent cotton. Peshtemal is composed of ecru ..
Sea waves patterned peshtemal towel made on hand loom by using 100% Turkish cotton. A..
Here's a nice sample of Turkish towel peshtemal in argyle pattern. Super soft, scattered lined ..
Two colors Peshtemal Towel decorated with stripes. Here's a real classic of Turkey. The Tu..
All handmade authentic cotton Turkish peshtemal. The Turkish cotton beach and bath towel woven by tr..
Authentic cotton Turkish bath towel with argyle chevron pattern on light grey color. The both ends o..
Elegant argyle pattern fluffy peshtemal. Made of hundred percent high quality Turkish cott..
Authentic cotton Turkish bath towel with argyle pattern on off white color. The both ends of the cot..
Turkish towel woven of hundred percent genuine cotton. The rectangular woven peshtemal towel designe..
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